Abundant time and space are needed to create, and furthermore we believe artists thrive in communities that emphasize working within both peer and mentorship relationships. To this end, Levee Collective has developed a Legacy Artist Residency program that gives free membership and dedicated workspace to a Teen, Young Adult, and Adult artist who demonstrate commitment to their work. Artists in residence will contribute some effort to Levee in the form of care for the space and availability to give some hours for teaching or helping otherwise.

We are excited to announce the selection of Levee’s first Legacy Artist Residency cohort, Spring & Summer 2024. If you are interested in applying for Fall & Winter 2024, please email leveecollective@gmail.com or use our CONTACT FORM to inquire.


Young Adult Legacy Artist in Resident

I am a painter, printmaker, and creator. I am studying visual art at Cornell University and living here in Lexington with my family for the summer.

During my artist residency at Levee Collective, I will be creating a series of artwork that follows my past, present, and future journeys, such as roadtrips across Kentucky and Virginia, hikes, and other explorations. I also plan to write as I am creating my visual art. 


Teen Legacy Artist in Resident

I enjoy doing pottery, embroidery, and drawing. I am taking the middle school art class at Levee, and I’m an artist-in-residence there.

During my artist residency, I will be making a collaged recipe book, and I will also be hosting a tea.